Divorce Lawyer in Murfreesboro Tennessee

Divorce Lawyer in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Not every divorce has to end with a fight. Unfortunately, divorce litigation can create the groundwork for ongoing disputes, especially when children are involved. Divorce attorneys have a tendency to fight for their clients at all costs. This combative mentality can fuel a flame, even when couples decide to end their marriage on relatively good terms.

This does not have to be the direction you take. We are committed to helping clients start the next chapter of their life as smoothly as possible. This can be done through an uncontested divorce. If you and your spouse agree to the details of your divorce, we can help you file the necessary paperwork without causing any additional headaches. Contact us online or call615.585.2487 to schedule an appointment for a consultation to learn how you can obtain an affordable divorce.

What Is Contested or Uncontested Divorce?

If a couple cannot agree to the details of their divorce, this is considered a contested divorce. Generally, each side is represented by an attorney committed to not losing a fight. This creates the groundwork for a combative process that can become risky and costly for both sides. Most divorces cost each party between $5,000 and $10,000. This means that you and your spouse could end spending up to $20,000 fighting over a divorce or a parenting plan. Furthermore, it can take a year or more to get to court. Chances are you will have to go through at least one or two hearings as well as depositions. You will be put on the witness stand and asked about the most personal information while others in the courtroom listen.

A contested divorce is decided by a judge. With little time to tell your side of the story, the judge often makes their decision with limited information to know what makes sense for you and your family. And after it is all over and the judge has ruled, no one is every happy with the judge’s decision. A contested divorce sets the stage for ongoing disputes and most times, parties will return to court over and over again after going through this process. This can all be avoided with an uncontested divorce.

Family law and the Rutherford County attorneys at The Law Firm of J. Leo Richardson, III,  have extensive experience helping clients remain in control with an uncontested divorce. Instead of taking a gamble on a judge, clients seeking an uncontested divorce decide difficult issues, including:

  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Property division
  • Alimony

This is not necessarily an easy process. Couples may struggle trying to figure out how decisions should be made, but each side is far more likely to follow the terms of the divorce if their voice was heard. Once you and your spouse have come to an agreement, Rutherford County attorneys at The Law Firm of J. Leo Richardson, III,  will prepare all the legal documents and email them back to you for review. If the documents are accurate, you just print the documents, have your spouse sign them and then return the legal documents to us with the filing fees or courts costs. We will make sure all the necessary details are covered giving you peace of mind knowing nothing was overlooked.

Contact an Experienced Rutherford County Child Custody and Support Lawyer

Getting divorced does not have to put you on the brink of bankruptcy. We offer uncontested divorce services to clients willing to work together to find amicable solutions.