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You probably never expected to be going through a divorce. . Whether you were the primary breadwinner or spent time raising your children, you may fear how your life will change at your divorce. A time of uncertainly can, unfortunately, create the breeding ground for a bitter dispute. When couples are unwilling to resolve disputes together, a contested divorce will eventually proceed to trial.  A judge will then be forced to make a ruling which may or may not be the best decision for you or your spouse.

Alimony and Spousal Support in Murfreesboro, TN

You can avoid taking a gamble by remaining in control of your future. The Murfreesboro alimony lawyers at The Law Firm of J. Leo Richardson, III,  offer uncontested divorce services to help clients resolve complicated issues in the most amicable way possible. After 20 years of family law experience, they  have learned that future conflicts can be avoided when divorcing couples work together to decide how their financial affairs will be handled.

You are in the best position possible to determine if temporary or permanent spousal support is needed for either one of you. Contact us online or call 615.796.6093 to schedule an appointment for a consultation to understand if your alimony concerns can be addressed through an uncontested divorce in Tennessee.

Determining Alimony and Spousal Support

Alimony is alive and well in Tennessee. Alimony is appropriate when one party is found to be economically disadvantaged relative to the other party. Under the law, the Rutherford County Tennessee Courts will look at several factors in determining alimony. The factors include:

• The relative earning capacity and income of each party
• The education and training of each party
• The length of the marriage
• The age and health of each party
• The standard of living during the marriage
• The relative fault of the parties
• The extent to which each party has made contributions to the marriage, including contributing to the other parties education, training, or increased earning power

Being unfaithful is only one factor that the judges in Rutherford County and Murfreesboro consider in determining alimony. One of the most important factors is the spouse’s ability to pay and the other spouses need for money to pay bills. In Rutherford County, both parties will complete a form which lists their income and basic expenses. The judge reviews whether based on the incomes of both parties, the spouse has the ability to pay and the other spouse has the need. Each judge in Tennessee, Rutherford County is different and it is important for the attorney that you hire be familiar with the past decisions of that particular judge.

Types of Alimony in Tennessee

There are several types of alimony which include being paid a lump sum, being paid monthly for a period of time or even being paid a sum monthly for the rest of the spouse’s life. The case law encourages judges, such as those in Rutherford County or Middle Tennessee, to award rehabilitative alimony. This type of alimony is meant to rehabilitate the disadvantaged spouse. There are several types of alimony in Tennessee other than rehabilitative.

Of course if you have an uncontested divorce where you and your spouse agree on everything, you both agree on alimony and whether or not a spouse receives it. If you and your spouse agree to one party receiving alimony, you must set forth how much, how often it will be paid, periodic or in a lump sum. In an uncontested divorce, the Rutherford County judge will allow you and your spouse to agree to alimony, whether it is paid and how long it is paid. If you and your spouse cannot agree on alimony, then your case is contested and a judge in Murfreesboro will have to determine each aspect of it.

Contact a Skilled Rutherford County Spousal Support Lawyer

A disputed divorce can quickly add up to be thousands of dollars. A combative process can lay the foundation for ongoing disputes. This does not have to be your future. Consider working amicably to resolve the financial issues keeping you up at night.