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Murfreesboro Child Custody Attorney

If you are going through an uncontested divorce, a Murfreesboro family law attorney at The Law Firm of J. Leo Richardson, III, can help. We provide simplified legal representation in potentially complicated areas of family law by cutting out excessive disputes, lengthy court hearings and inefficient meetings.We provide representation to individuals who have lived in Rutherford County for more than six months, separated from spouses in Rutherford County or have a prior divorce action in Rutherford County.  If this describes you, then contact us at 615.796.6093.

What is a parenting plan?

A parenting plan outlines the residential schedule where a child will live each day of the week. Additionally, the parenting plan addresses holidays, summer vacations and other special days during the year. It sets forth decision-making responsibilities, insurance, income tax exemptions and child support. It is critical that a parenting plan be very precise, predictable, clear, and is easy to understand.

A parenting plan will either be completed by you, the parents, subject to the judge’s approval, or by the judge — someone who does not know you or your family. It is important for the children’s future that parents set aside their differences and make a real effort to agree on a parenting plan. If you and your spouse cannot agree on a parenting plan, the mediation services we provide can help you work through the issues and avoid the expense of a contested divorce.

How are child custody and child support determined?

Gone are the days where the parties determine the amount of child support. Instead, it is now determined by a software program. Information used in the software program include both parties’ monthly income, day care costs, insurance premiums for the children and amount of days that the child spends the majority of a day with each parent.

Words such as “joint custody” or “sole custody” are not used any more to describe child custody arrangements. Instead, the parent with whom the child resides most is called the primary residential parent (PRP) and the parent with whom the child spends less than equal time is the alternate residential parent (ARP). Shared parenting applies when the child spends exactly 50 percent or equal time, i.e., 182.5 days with each parent. The amount of time that your child spends with each parent will be taken into account when deciding on child support payments.

If you and your spouse can easily agree on the details of the parenting plan, then your divorce may be uncontested and can proceed quickly. If you disagree, and file a lawsuit, then you must go through mediation. Call our office today and we will e-mail you a blank parenting plan to review.

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