Murfreesboro Property Division Attorney

Murfreesboro Property Division Attorney

Financial concerns have a tendency to complicate a divorce. You may have fears about losing your family home or being able to make ends meet with one less household income. You and your spouse are in the best position possible to determine how these difficult decisions should be made.

Decades of Experience Handling Property Division Matters

Often when each side is represented by an attorney, negotiations escalate into bitter fights over how property should be distributed. This can all be avoided through an uncontested divorce.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on legal fees, once you and your spouse determine how your marital assets should be divided, contact us online or call 615.796.6093 to schedule an appointment for a consultation at our office to learn more about her affordable services.

Seeking an Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets

In Tennessee, the law sets forth that the martial property is to be divided equitably. This is not necessarily a 50-50 split, since you cannot split many assets straight down the middle. The rule of thumb is for each side to walk away from the marriage with an equal value of property from the course of their marriage. Instead of relying on a judge to decide this, you can avoid a long, drawn-out courtroom battle by working together to identify what would make the most sense.

Property division decisions are best made when couples work together instead of negotiating through attorneys who can add in an extra layer of complexity. You and your spouse should take the time to identify the full scope of your marital assets such as:

  • Family home
  • Vehicles, motorcycles, boats
  • 401(k), and other retirement assets
  • Banking account and savings

Generally, any assets you obtained before getting married would not be subject to an equitable distribution. The exemption to the rule is if any of your separate assets were commingled with your marital assets.

Together, you and your spouse can work amicably to decide how your marital assets should be divided. You may decide that the spouse can keep the family home while you maintain more of your joint savings. Once you decide how to split your assets and debts, you can complete the necessary paperwork and we will prepare the legal documents for court.

Contact a Skilled Rutherford County Marital Asset Division Lawyer

With so much at stake, you do not want to cause emotions to escalate over a property division dispute. You can remain in control while making decisions amicably over how your assets and debts should be divided.