Murfreesboro Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Murfreesboro Uncontested Divorce Attorney

Uncontested divorce is where both parties agree on all details of their divorce. This includes agreements on real estate and personal property division, the division of finances, debts, parenting plans and any other marital decisions. The Law Firm of J. Leo Richardson, III  offers cheap divorce options that save you time and money. Use our online form to speak with our experienced Murfreesboro uncontested divorce lawyers or call 615.796.6093 to get the help you need.

Why Should I Avoid a Contested Divorce and the Standard Divorce Court Hearing Process?

Think about how much you really know about someone after spending a couple of hours with that person. Everyone goes into court with their best foot forward. Even if your spouse is a bum, he or she will act like a loving parent in court. The judge will hear testimonies from you and your spouse, and then determine who gets your house, who pays your debts, who makes decisions for your children and what the visitation arrangements are.

Even if you “win” your contested divorce, you will have spent your life savings on an attorney, court reporters, court costs, expert fees, etc. This can easily amount to costs from $4000 to over $10,000. The process can take anywhere from eight months to a year to get to the final divorce hearing, and generally takes the following course:

  1. The filing of the complaint or lawsuit: One party will be served by a process server with the complaint. At that time, he or she has 30 days to respond or to hire a lawyer.
  2. In a divorce, a pendente lite hearing is the first court hearing where both sides testify and present witnesses. The judge decides matters that must be decided immediately such as visitation, child support, etc. The judge sets the terms of how the couple is to live until the final hearing.
  3. Depositions are where the attorney asks questions of your spouse and the answers are recorded by a court reporter. The answers are under oath, meaning that any lie is considered perjury. The court reporter is expensive and this cost is paid by each party.
  4. Mediation is ordered by the court. In an effort to avoid long court hearings, couples are ordered to go through mediation sessions. For more information on this topic, please see the mediation page.
  5. If the parties still do not agree at mediation, a final hearing is scheduled. Trial preparation requires witnesses, and submitting evidence to a judge for a final decision regarding everything that you and your spouse cannot agree upon.

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By all means, if your divorce can be handled without going through the expensive, lengthy contested divorce process, then that is what you should do. If your divorce is uncontested, and you meet the qualifications, you can file for your divorce online through our firm.

Use our online form to speak with our experienced Murfreesboro uncontested divorce lawyers or call 615.796.6093 to find out how you can save thousands of dollars on your uncontested divorce or mediation session.